Hard Fault Life


My name is Evan Grove. I am a firmware engineer currently working in Chicago. This blog is in its infancy, but I intend to cover a wide variety of topics, mostly related to software.

Parody of the "GMO-Free" label, saying "Non-GPT Actual Human"

From time to time, I may write about one of my hobby projects. Of course, this blog is one of those projects, and you can read about it in my introduction to ┬Ástack. You might also be interested in Cheatle, the best Wordle cheat tool on the internet. For everything else, head over to my GitHub account, where you can find me tinkering with all sorts of stuff.

Recent Posts

  1. Fun with Mundane, Overpriced Hobby LED Lights

    These weird LED inserts are flawed, but nice. Too bad about the price.
  2. Reverse-Engineering a Scoreboard Display

    Dissecting and revitalizing one of my favorite surplus store discoveries.
  3. The Only Apple Product I've Ever Bought

    A glorious and practical device.
  4. I hate Audiophiles

    I love music, and I even like my nice stereo equipment, but.
  5. Designing my Smart Home From Scratch, Part Zero

    In this step, I draw the owl.
  6. Wi-Fi QR Codes

    It blows my mind that people don't know about these things.
  7. The LEGO Arbitrage

    Generate miniscule amounts of LEGO Insiders points at zero cost, except lots of time and effort.
  8. Organic Maps: An Open-Source Maps App That Doesn't Suck

    Organic Maps impressed me with its elegant UI, effective routing, and good ethics.
  9. Introducing ┬Ástack

    I hate every blog, so I made my own blog.