I was at an Apple store with my fiancee last week, and it occurred to me that it was only my second time ever being in an Apple store. The first time was also with her, incidentally.

Apple stores are surreal. They sit you down at a table, and a real human person helps fix your stuff. This whole experience could be avoided if Apple just published service manuals. I know the whole thing is wasteful and stupid, and I could easily fix this problem myself if an Android phone were involved. Yet, it’s still a serene, pleasant experience. The chair is comfy. I talk to my fiancee while her old iPhone 6S gets a factory reset (I’m going to use it as a dev workhorse).

And then it occurred to me… Have I ever bought an Apple product? I own a handful of Apple products, but they’re all free hand-me-downs, or test dummy phones for work.

Except for one thing. Behold:

An Apple power cable with a surplus store price tag stuck to the plug. The price on the tag is $1.95.

I bought this cable for $2 at a surplus shop in Minneapolis. I bought it to make my fiancee’s Macbook charger longer. She uses it sometimes.